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Last Supper ala Star Wars

A cool illustration done by Eric Deschamps: interpreting the Last Supper through the lens of Star Wars. Brilliant!

Star Wars Last Supper

More of his works here.


Details and Peripherals


Panasonic released a new mp3 player, SV-SD800N, with a noise-cancelling function. Panasonic’s design, especially in items like MP3 players and handphones are improving. While not breath-taking yet, their design are showing a distilled and refined look of simplicity.

And so it disappoints me to see that while this seems to be an important model in the product line (they’ve got Ayumi Hamasaki to endorse it), they have absolutely neglected the piece that speaks for this player – the noise-cancel controller. Tell me that didn’t come straight out of a stock OEM part for a light switch. Totally incompatible with the design language of the player. It is a big let-down.


Apple still packs the lesson here: the attention to every detail matters. Here’s the MagSafe power adaptor: a magnetic connection instead of a physical one, thus able to break cleanly away when someone trips over the cable – instead of dragging your MacBook Pro. As Apple claims, no detail is too minor.

Hanging Cars

A friend asked me something about hanging installations & displays, and I got reminded of these two fine examples of hanging cars. Both are demonstrations of technical engineering feat that has combined spectacularly with design aesthetics.

The first is the suspended Honda F1 car, exploded view. The idea is not new, but I guess from the reaction these pictures garnered online, every time something like this appears it still captures imagination and still awes.

Suspended F1 Exploded View
[More pictures at Uêba]

The second one, a more permenant fixture, is the Volkswagen Glass Factory in Dresden. Manufacturing the high-end VW model Phaeton, the factory is dedicated to showcasing its manufacturing processes and the amount of engineering that goes into each car. It’s probably only the Germans who can keep the place so clean and well-presented.

Dresden Glass Factory
[Check out this forum posting – more information and pictures]

Paint Job

What a way to paint a building! The stuff that you’d think only happen in a kid’s imagination. (It’s an advertisement by Sony for their Bravia displays. I think they used something like 70,000litres of paint.)

Social Bookmarks

social bookmrks

It amuses me sometimes to see the phletora of social-bookmarking icons that people put under their posts. There’s more than 25 icons for every post in the site. Web 2.0? Hardly.

The force is strong with this one.

Yoda Bag

There is a certain geek in me that makes me desire this bag. Just for a week or so… after geeking around with it I can pass it on to someone else!

Hey, Chinese is hard!

Chinese does deserve its reputation for heartbreaking difficulty. Those who undertake to study the language for any other reason than the sheer joy of it will always be frustrated by the abysmal ratio of effort to effect. Those who are actually attracted to the language precisely because of its daunting complexity and difficulty will never be disappointed.

I came across this guy who wrote a long article on why learning Chinese is hard. At first I thought, “Bah, just another angmoh whining away”. But as I read on, I began to see that, hey, Chinese IS damn hard. It’s just perhaps that I didn’t notice it too much, since I am a Chinese, and my primary school was conducted in Chinese. But his article explained in detail how Chinese is more difficult than other languages, the barriers he faced.

So I’ve been through all that hurdles to mastering Chinese without even realising that they are there! Count me blessed! =)

The full 7639 words here.

TalkingCock in Parliament

TalkingCock in Parliament is the closing event for IndigNation2006. It was an amazingly talented bunch of funny people with their own takes on what it means to be a Singaporean. Ruby Pan and Hossan Leong’s performances, in particular, caught me.

Ruby’s masterful command (impersonation?) of various English accents in Singapore only gets better and better: watch it till the end!

Hossan Leong sang Singapore’s condensed history to the tune of “We didn’t start the fire”. I want to learn this song. Really.

An Inspiring Interview

Dhamendra Yadav in an inspiring interview with David Marshall, the Prime Minister of Singapore before he was ousted by Lee Kuan Yew. You can see a totally different person, a different spirit from today’s Singapore’s mindset.

The role of youths! Ha!

In my time, I tried to educate our people in an understanding of the dignity of human life and their right as fellow human beings, and youth was not only interested but excited about what I consider things that matter. Things of the spirit; the development of a human being to his true potential in accordance with his own personal genius in the context of equal rights of others.

Today, youth is interested in getting paper qualification and, as soon as possible, shoveling gold into their bank accounts. It’s a different world, even the law.

Find the whole text here:

THINK HAPPINESS: Meeting David Marshall In 1994

Jumping on the bandwagon

The web is full of interesting stuff: I spend a big chunk of my time awake surfing many websites, trolling for the latest interesting chunks to amuse and inspire myself. So I thought it may be a waste if so many others couldn’t get to see what I saw (and appreciate the ingenuity and idiocy of the Internet).

Voila, I am attempting to blog. Hopefully this would be good, and it’d last (both are very difficult conditions).