We’re on a roll with car-related posts recently. So I’d add more.

“Name the world’s Top 5 all time, most successful cars.”

I managed to guess 4 out of the top 5. I totally didn’t expect to see this in the list though.

Ford F series.

It is at present the best selling car in the world, with 25million already sold. And that figure is reached only by the sales in North America. To put it in context, USA has about 300million population. Of course there’s more to North America than the US of A, but that still is a damn amazing figure.

What kinds of marketing genius does it take to convince mass consumers of the need for space to haul bulky things around? Research had shown (forgot the source) that for vast majority of pickup users, they don’t utilize the cargo area. It must thus be a voice of immense persuasion to tap into the American DIY psyche to buy something they really don’t need.

Meanwhile in Asia (at least the countries I have been to), pickups are much rarer. People who drive them are much more likely to really be contractors, really carrying ladders, paint tins and bulky materials around. The DIY culture here is not strong at all: you’d almost always get some professional to do the house renovation for you (cheaper labour costs here?). I doubt the pickup will … well, ever pick up in the Asian market.


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