Beijing Olympics 2008 Pictograms

 Beijing Pictograms

This is the pictogram series for the Beijing Olympic 2008, based on the pictorial form of the ancient Chinese calligraphy where modern Chinese characters originated. My first impression was that it did not communicate clearly and instantly what sport each icon was. I sort of had to decipher it and look at it a while. However, if you look at each individual icon for just a little longer, it’d become clear.

This led me into thinking about the cultural implications and the image projected. You could really see the country’s feel being projected through the pictograms from past Olympics. The sunny and fun Australians (2000), the effective and classic Germans (1972)…etc. The feeling that I get from Beijing 2008 is – it looks arcane at first sight, but draws you into  examining it more closely. I’m guessing here, but the Chinese culture probably holds similiar notions for many non-Chinese.

Here for some past Olympic icons.


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