Astounding Beautiful Mind

In A Beautiful Mind, we saw how autistic people sometimes have brains that function so different from the rest of us – so vastly superior and masterful in some areas like memory, logic and numerical analysis, while having some shortcomings in social and emotional quotients (though perhaps arguably it’s simply that autistic and non-autistic people are in separate paradigms and world views though – no one is better). In the book Curious Incident of the Dog, we once again saw a fascinating portrayal of how the world may look like to an autistic child.

This video shows Steven (autistic) memorising the layout of a city through a 45-minute helicopter ride, and then resketching it out in a 5 meter panaromic canvas. He did it with almost no mistake, right down to the number of columns, street layout, building proportions, perspective views and all.

People have said that right brain governs creativity, drawing and the arts, while the left brain lean towards rationality and logic. Steven, in my opinion, fused the traditionally disparate fields of memorisation and artistic expression in one magical stroke.


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  1. hann on


    The Mossad / MI6 / CIA should hire this guy!

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