Apple Showtime – iTV

Apple iTV

So, thousands of Apple fans and tech geeks have all held their breath for Steve Jobs to unveil Apple’s next offerings. Speculations were rife, odds were offered on the various possibilities: next iPod, next Shuffle, next whatever.

And Apple gave us this (among others like a new Quicktime). I must say I’m disappointed. Yes, they have a form language to maintain as a company. No, they do not have to simply do a Scale1D of their MacMini. Yes, simplicity is good and less is more, but this just doesn’t inspire – there is no surprise – it simply gives the feeling that Apple is tired and is just trying to stretch as much as it can with what it already garnered. It looks..dare I say, cheap.

Perhaps the user interface is really good, and it’s the software that counts. Perhaps scores of people are still gonna go ga-ga over it.

But I’m definitely not bowled over.

[gizmodo coverage of Apple product launch]


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