Microsoft Live Labs – Photosynth

A few posts back, I blogged about a program that takes your 2d drawings and converts them into 3d objects. This is another manifestation of it, and perhaps one with a bigger implication as well (no less because it comes from Microsoft). What is it: a software that combs through pictures taken in the same place at different times, angles and positions, and construct/reposition them such that you can see in a virtual 3d environment. That was a mouthful that perhaps didn’t explain much – the video will make it clear.

A very powerful idea, indeed.


2 comments so far

  1. hann on

    Simply amazing!!! If taken in the right direction, this could be what Google Earth is to us right now.

    But of course, knowing Microsoft, they’d have us pay a heavy premium for it!

  2. sunboar on

    Yup, we’re not that far away actually – like when you combine Flickr and Google Earth 🙂

    But I’d say the M’soft one is way cooler though.

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