Gravity defying Sand Sculpture

sand sculpture

It ain’t quite a sandcastle, but this gravity defying sand-sculpture is quite interesting. While I’d probably seem awkward to say this, but somehow it reminded me of a crowded morning peak hour on the local subway, with the crowd up the escalator and waiting at the platform.


sandcastlematt has explanations and other sand sculptures on how it’s made.


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  1. matt on

    hey, thanks for plugging this. I like your comment quite a bit – better and more imaginative that most I’ve gotten on flickr (and some of the other discussions of this photo I’ve found on other blogs). I started to thank all the blogs who posted my photo (look at comment #24) but realized it would go on for too long. Wanted to thank you personally since I really did like your comment.

  2. sunboar on

    Thank you matt, for your eye-opening sand sculpture instead! Hah, interestingly enough, comment #25 remarks about terracotta warriors ascending the stairway! Heh.

  3. matt on

    coincidence? Hmm..

    I might add a comment with some of my favorite blog posts about this picture – hope you don’t mind if I quote you; I suppose its only fair since you posted my picture on your site.

  4. sunboar on

    Sure no prob!

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