Gehry – Purple Ribbon Hotel

Gehry Hotel Marques De Riscal

When I first saw the Hotel Marqués De Riscal architecture, the thought of a Gehry-copycat came to my mind. Turned out that it was Gehry who did this. Brutally put, I think Gehry has lost his touch. Guggenheim Bilbao was great because it was a breakthrough against the literally brick-and-mortar architecture mold. The curves were elegant and flowing – unlike this jumbled mess-tangle. While certainly iconic – I love the purple – it doesn’t quite remind one of the beautiful vineyard, the rolling hills that it sites in.

Maybe I’m just not geared to see the beauty in Gehry’s imagined slimy fish scales in his architecture. And I don’t dig his chair either.


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  1. Shaastra on

    (v.) – to vanquish, conquer (35) hit, break, stride (1) backside, rump; a common curse is to rass! or rass clot!

  2. sunboar on


  3. billie on

    it’s kind of atrocious

  4. Winery Design « Gems Sty on

    […] one stroke, giving the winery an extremely elegant, refined and modern look. Much better than the Gehry one,  […]

    • Sakau on

      Great stuff! I am looking froward to checkin out this great little event tomorrow. So many wonderful things on for the State of Design this has been the busiest year yet. I’m curious to see what you have come up with!

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