The Little Girl Giant

This performance, “The Sultan’s Elephant” by Royal de Luxe is an amazing puppet show – if you could call a (30feet?) tall puppet that. Maneuvers are done via long ropes, cranks and tall cranes instead of nimble fingers and threads. However, don’t let that set-up fool you. The motions are totally natural, without the slightest hint of a mechanical nature.

This puppet show is the most realistic I’ve seen – the puppet itself is already a mastery of crafts. The eyes, eyelashes, the hair, etc. as she blinks, wonders, ponders; the expressions on the wooden puppet that seem to almost quietly whisper you a question. Eerily real, wonderfully superb.


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  1. hann on

    the future of rag floats??? it’s amazing… she looks like a 3d-animation character!

  2. zirp on

    wah..why do i feel that it’s scary?….

  3. sunboar on

    It’s not really “scary scary” – it’s more like, “Man, how the hell does a puppet convey a more sincere and deeper emotion than live humans?”. Because you really could see the expressions and inner thought in that puppet: curiosity, wonder, delight – and THEN you realise, damn, that puppet doesn’t have any of these!

  4. zirp on

    exactly! that sudden thought that hey! she doesn’t ACTUALLY have all that.. and she’s doing what a lot of humans are not capable of…eerie…a puppet more human than human.. ha..hann..gathering some ideas for SDE rag n flag??? yey~ no more any of those recycled paper trees (that really aint very environmental at all)~

  5. hann on

    ermm.. zirp.. was talking more along the line of hall floats

    i have nothing to do with SDE floats, they’re ripoffs of themselves


  6. Duane Fulton on

    Can you bring “her” to the United States?, it’s a pleasure to watch something simply nice.

  7. sunboar on

    Well, too bad I don’t own her! πŸ™‚

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