Pikasso – Selling Art in the Supermarket

Talk about bringing the art to the masses!

While art galleries often project the image of catering only to a select group of (rich) connoiseurs, one in Helsinki has chosen to go on directly the opposite route. Housed in a former supermarket, art pieces are displayed exactly like the typical mart – on the shelves, counters, etc. – with all the shopping trolleys and baskets. Inheriting the traits of a supermarket, art here start from just a few euros, and they  even had a promotion to give away 100 art pieces to the first 100 (it was wildly successful – lines over 100 meters were formed on the opening day).

Choose your art like how you’d choose your meat:

pikasso art supermarket

And of course, nothing is more surreal than seeing Andy Warhol’s “Campbell Soup” graphic selling right here.

€35000 worth of Campbell goodness

[via Design Finland]


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