Francois Brunelle – Lookalike Project


Canadian photographer Francois Brunelle shoots photos of two people who’re not related, but look alike. As you can see from the examples above, these strangers could easily pass off as siblings. In fact, if you just showed me the pictures, you’d probably have to work hard in convincing me that they’re not indeed twins. There is very minimal photo-editing (only for distractions like dusts etc).

The photographer’s site, and more pictures here.


20 comments so far

  1. Ashley on

    Hey I wonder if I have a twin out there?

    Anyone blonde blue eyes look a bit like the Olsen twins? Email me!

  2. Gems Sty on

    Maybe the Olsen twins will email you…

  3. Mischelle on

    LOL not exactly nice but hey I would love to find out if I have a twin out there. Growing up I have always heard that everyone had one. I’m just curious to see if it’s true I would love participate and find out how diffrent our lives are from each other.

  4. Jamie on

    If you want to participate you can go to and email him and get the info there.

  5. Fiona Smith on

    Hi Everyone! I’ve been told many times over the years that I look like Drew Barrymore. I’ve even been a little taken aback when I’ve seen certain shots of her in magazines (mostly profiles) that look like a photo of me. Does anyone else out there aparently look a little like her?

  6. Emily on

    I have blonde hair , blue eyes. And people tell me all the time that I look like the Olsen twins. Maybe I could help? But…I’m 12.

    • Emma on

      hey that sounds like me and im the same age 2!!!!

  7. Gems Sty on

    Hey Emily, didn’t Ashley from a few comments above say she looks like the Olsen twins too?

  8. Amy on

    I look nothing like any of my 5 siblings or anyone else for that matter.

  9. kristina on

    k soo i kinda also look like the olsen twins.. its friken insane.. im 16 and my face is shaped just like theyrs and everything.. but then ive been told i look kinda like avril lavigne,, i think i look more like another olsen twin.. lol

  10. marie on

    My mum had 3 of her friends tell her that they saw her at some place where she had never been…then a complete stranger in a shop said to her ” i haven’t seen you at such and such place anymore” mum explained to her that she had never been there and the woman couldn’t believe it saying she looked exactly like her! And the weird thing is that both my mum and this double of hers are both professional Singers, my mum still has never seen her.

    And heres another interesting story….a family friend of ours told us that once when his mother was away in another part of the country she called him on the phone wanting to know why he had ignored her….apparently a man had walked right past his mother looked at her and kept on walking….our friend was not even in that part of the country at that time!

  11. MARICELA on

    He visto en dos ocasiones hablar de usted en la t.v. ( FLORIDA- USA).
    Quisiera saber si en algun lugar del mundo existe mi doble.
    Por favor digame que debo hacer.
    Espero su respuesta.

  12. A-K. on

    Olsen twins dont have blue eyes, they have green eyes. i have same eyes like olsen twins have 🙂

  13. cestine fenix on

    hi…i really want to know or see my double…i grew up wondering if i have a double..can francois brunelle please help me…

  14. Ron on

    Many years ago I walked into a store and the staff greeted me as if they knew me. At first I thought they were just way friendly,but then as more staff passed by, they kept saying, “Hi, how are you?”. Finally,one of them said,”you’re Larry’s brother,right?” I replied,who’s Larry?” It turns out Larry was the manager and they all thought I was his brother. He also wasn’t in the store that day. I went back on another occasion and this time one of the staff ran to the back to call Larry. Larry came out and they said,”THIS is the guy we told you about!” Actually I could see a strong resemblance even between Larry and me,which he saw as well. I never did meet Larry’s brother but my real sister and brother got a kick out of teasing me for years after, that I was actually Larry’s brother.

  15. Betsy on

    I will sure love to find my double!!!!!!!!

  16. Esezobor Better on


  17. Esezobor Better on


  18. Frank on

    Is there a scientific term or study of humans of different races but look alike?
    example.. Ever noticed whites, blacks, latins, asians will sometimes have the same facial features but not realted? I see it alot.

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