Audi – Designed to Thrill

audi designed to thrill - hair

audi designed to thrill - nipple

audi designed to thrill -eyes

I’ve always been partial towards Audi cars – for me, they symbolise a fusion of well-thought engineering and refined design. Here’s a print ad campaign for the Audi RS4 – I think the execution for this series of ads simply crystallized that Audi spirit, expressing it in a clear and yet artful manner.

A toast to those who can see the art and beauty of engineering! And here’s the video for the campaign:


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  2. Audi car insurance on

    audi are amazing cars i just wish i had the money to buy one. sniff sniff
    maybe one day but untill then i will have to just make do with the pics

  3. Gems Sty on

    Haha, I’m in the same scenario as you! If only Audi would spot this blog and give me one of their cars as free ride for marketing promotion… (yea, fat hope!)

  4. Audi RS4 on

    Love how elegant and understared there Audi’s are.

  5. transmission on

    hope i will be able to buy my audi car one of these days. audi is one of my favorite cars aside from volvo and bmw.

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