Red Guinness!

red guinness
Woo! RED Guinness! Perhaps it’d be a hit in the next Chinese New Year! Personally I find it a little queer though – the whole image of the stout, rich, malty and dark Guinness seem a little frivolous – almost like it’s trying to snatch some market share from the likes of Baccardi. Apparently the taste is still the same though.

Maybe Dracula would switch.


4 comments so far

  1. AJC on

    looks kool

  2. zanarah on

    yer its been photoshoped, the bubbles a black

  3. Wouter Verreydt on

    Why making red Guiness? They should make it green instead!
    By the way, dark bubbles don’t mean that it’s photoshopped. The bubbles will always seem to be dark. That’s something with the light that’s been diffused by the shape of the bubble.

  4. Jeremy on

    That’s not a Guinness. It’s An Irish Cream Ale. I would guess it is probably a Kilkenny, which is owned by Guinness.

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