goes Live!

Gems Sty goes .com!
Three months ago, I started this blog to document the interesting tidbits I stumble across – the gems of the Internet. I wondered whether it’d quickly fizzle into disuse and abandoned as the interest and momentum weaned. 3 months and more than 100 posts later, the opposite has happened – it is gathering momentum, more people are reading it, and I’m still getting a kick out of posting.

Thank you, readers! 3 months may not be much – but in the online world, 1 man-year is probably equivalent to 7.35 blog years or something. So thank you for your support, and hope that you’d continue to find these stuff interesting. And if there’s anything that you’d like to suggest or improve, do voice up! Not only do I get tremendous encouragement from comments and suggestions, it’d also affirm that there are actually other real people writing what I write.

The sharp-eyed among you may have noticed this for the past few days – this site now has its own domain –!

Well for now it’s just cosmetic ego-massaging, but I see it as the first step onto bigger things. Apologies to people from mainland China who still cannot access this site directly – this site is still hosted by WordPress. The RSS feed is now at Do update your bookmarks!

Once again, thank you!

[11 Nov update: I’m having troubles with RSS feed for, and I have reverted back to as the primary domain. would still work though – it’d redirect you here.


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