Self Portrait

Recently, there was an influx of Youtube videos in which someone took a picture of him/herself everyday over many years, like Noah (6 years) and Lee (3 years), and then putting them together in a single video to show the changes through the years. It’s a reflection process – seeing how you have changed over the years; it’s also a tremendous evidence of perseverance – to be disciplined enough to literally take thousands of photos of yourself.

Of course, in true Internet-phenomenon fashion, various video replies have also surfaced, ranging from the “comparison” to what must be a million other spoofs. I’m not sure whether you have had similar ideas in the past – I have. Though I’d never got started. Some other ideas also include clipping the newspaper front page of my birthday every year, just to see how the world has changed as I grew older. (No, I don’t even have a single one).

In a similar fashion, the Goldberg family also has their way of documenting the family. On June 17th every year, every member of the family would take a photo of themselves, documenting the addition of new members, growth of existing ones, and perhaps in the future, departure of some. While the Youtube videos trump in terms of number of photos taken, they definitely did not have the same history or legacy as the Goldbergs – they started way back in 1976.

It’s quite interesting to see how the picture chart grow: initially, there were only two – Diego and Susy. As the years pass, the couple become older, while their babies would eventually grow to be adults in year 2006.
family picture - goldberg

Full pictorial genealogy here.


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