Advertising Shock Tactics

Don’t speed

Where is your child?

In the advertising world, the key issue is always to create impressions. Ad campaigns are measured based on impressions – can the user recall it (especially after being exposed to hundreds of advertisements a day), what are their impressions of it (favorable?), etc. And so marketers and advertisers had to stretch their imaginations to create ads that last, that stick. Sometimes it involves shock tactics, like the two above.

Personally I think those have gone too far. While the cause is worthy, and the technical execution great, it just left distaste in my mind. For me, if you want to give people a surprise (especially when you’re on their property – like on their cars), it’d better be a pleasant one. Some time back in Singapore, some creative advertising agencies placed stickers that look like sratches on car doors too – advertising for a car grooming company – as some of the comments reflected: advertising should be creative, but it must also go down well with the potential client.

What do you think?


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  2. ALacount on

    Of all the averts I can remember, it’s the funny ones and the `shocking` ones. I can remember more `shocking` ones than humerus ones though. I personally don’t mind vivid advertising, it’s more interesting than the normal adverts of small children saying they want to have a poo at Pauls house, or some woman with questionable hygiene skills dripping chicken blood over her kitchen… The tactics the advertisers use may work on some, but not me, I just think `Well the idiot shouldn’t have done that should they?` I have found some shock advertisements quite amusing (French AIDS awareness advert staring the giant spider?)and most just plain silly, as the depictions of someone killed in a traffic accident are a bit tame if anything (Final destination does get some things right!) and all these adverts feature is dead children with head injury’s, or a picture of someone’s internal organs being damaged.

  3. Anonymous on

    yall r stupid

    • Anonymous on

      said the person who is unable to spell the word “are”. Real stupid.

  4. Yuxin Zhang on

    What is the meaning of the ‘WHERE’S YOUR CHILD’ advert?

  5. anastagia on


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