Venturi Carbon-Neutral Car

Venturi Concept Car

Eclectic, the first autonomous vehicle in the history of the automobile, opens up a new era in the field of mobility : reserved for daily driving in urban areas, its low energy consumption makes it the most economical environmental vehicle ever built.

Innovative and astonishing, Eclectic is much more than a simple vehicle ; it is a production and storage plant for renewable energies, either solar or wind based. Charging of these energies, which is intermittent in certain regions, can also be complemented by electrical recharging.

The car has a rather unique look, reminding me of the typical stripped down skeleton of a cyborg. Concept wise, I think their intentions is nobel – bringing a renewable-energy vehicle into mass market. However, I am still left a little doubtful of its capability, particularly the wind turbine. Hmm.

[Venturi Concept]


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  1. Duegi on

    I, like you, applaud the effort but fear the result fails to address user issues which would hinder widespeard adoption. Without side protection (doors and windows) use of the vehicle would be limited to warmer locations. I also question the extremely high step required for entrance to the passenger area. Many older citizens will not be able to manage a step of that height without assistance. And then there are the issues of side impact testing. I fear that even a low speed crash could have disasterous effects. At least someone is trying…

  2. Gems Sty on

    Indeed, this car strikes me more as a golf buggy than anything – where the sun and the wind is probably plentiful. The back passengers seem to be almost out of the vehicle body actually – definitely not for the urban metro-crawling.

  3. Dick on

    I like it! Looks for all the world to me to be a really big lawnmower with the handle bars and engine removed, then seats and a sun roof added. Thought provoking for sure, and kinda neat!

  4. MJC on

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