Blow Table Lamp by Studio Italia Design

Blow Lamp

I came across this Blow Table Lamp from Studio Italia Design, and was immediately mesmerised by its powerful imagery – like a forlorn lamp trapped within a glass house.

The more interesting part is the control for the direction of the lamp – a magnet is outside the clear globe. Move it around the globe, and the lamp inside would turn and follow accordingly, giving rise to an engaging and innovative experience while maneuvering the lamp. I can even almost imagine the lamp becoming “happier” if you moved the magnet further down the globe, causing it to “look up” – heh, it’s funny that a lamp can elicit so much (irrelevant?) imagination from me.

Technical details: Low voltage lamp with metal ware finish in chrome and diffuser in brushed aluminium; outer clear crystal globe; H41cm, maximum diameter 24cm. The painful price: $1363

Find it here!

[via NOTCOT]


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    hi nice site.

  2. Gems Sty on

    Hi, thanks Alex! Do drop by more often!

  3. robert on

    hi all.

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