Japan Love Hotels

Japan Love Hotels

For decades Japan’s love hotels have provided a place for couples to enjoy anonymous, uninterrupted sex. Politician and secretary, teacher and student, husband and hooker — all are welcome, as long as they pay in cash and leave when the time limit is up. But 2006 spawned a new type of love hotel. Decorated with theme park interiors and equipped with game consoles, karaoke boxes and sex machines — these establishments provide kinky fun for all types, from fetishists and sadomasochists to the ordinary couple seeking sexual adventure.

Wow, I must say I’m very amazed at these themed rooms – larger than life, vivid, extremely lived-out – I guess this is why the Japanese are so good in anime? The desire to imagine in fantasy, and more importantly, the audacity to create and live in and among it. They are a people of contradictions – generally perceived to be polite and reserved, they do have a wild side that has probably witnessed and spurred the growth of their arts and creative scenes.



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  1. Gnorb on

    O_o – wow… Surrounded by Japanese, and still surprised.

    /Goes back home to normal, run of the mill South Florida. ^_^

  2. kurt cobain wallpaper on

    wow…. nice picture…. and thanks for information , keep writing thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. arash on


  4. Arlanza apartments ibiza on

    This is Sumeet from India.i really enjoy reading your post.Thanks for Sharing these useful information

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