Design your own Onitsuka Tiger

Onitsuka Tiger

This is for those of you who’re into graphics and sneakers – and are in Singapore! Runner’s World is hosting a design competition for the Tiger –


  1. Shoes available at: StarThreeSixty – Wheelock Place #02-08; LeftFoot – Far East Plaza #03-98; Limited Edition Vault – The Heeren #03-12. Submission of customized shoes only at StarThreeSixty.
  2. Last day of submission 10th Feb 07.
  3. Shoes to be purchased at S$149. Full refund after submission of entries.
  4. Selected entries will be awarded an Onitsuka Tiger product hamper and in the running for the Top 3 prizes.
  5. Top 3 winners will be announced at event at zouk on Friday, 23rd Feb 07.
  6. Runner’s World Pte Ltd reserves all rights to the submitted entries.
  7. 1st Prize: $1000 + S$500 Onitsuka Vouchers; 2nd Prize – S$500 cash + S$300 Onitsuka Tiger Voucher; 3rd Prize – S$300 cash + S$200 Onitsuka Tiger Voucher.

This reminded me of a time when I was in Milan – there was a similar competition by Havaianas – to turn their trademark slippers into works of art. A group of us each took the blank white slippers, while concocting the things we can do to them. In the end, only one of us submitted though – procrastination got the better of us. Which is probably why Rule 3 exists.


1 comment so far

  1. zirp on

    haha! I think my white slippers are rotting away somewhere….the fungus on it probably should formed a nice graphic by now

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