Monster Portable Power Strip

Monster Portable Cable

You know what it’s like, shopping for a power strip. A whole bunch of them would lie around, and the decision process goes something like this: decide on the number of ports, and choose the cheapest one that doesn’t look like it’d explode immediately on use. So it’s pretty refreshing to see this Monster “Power to Go” being the focus product re-designing for mobility – it is compact enough to fit in a typical laptop bag. The somewhat over-the-top illustration of product benefit:

If there is one thing more frustrating than checking into a hotel after a long day, searching for AC outlets and then finding just one lone socket at the base of a lamp, it’s the anxiety of not knowing if this will happen tonight! Now with Outlets To Go you will always have enough outlets–consistently, confidently, and very elegantly.

One of the first things to notice is the absence of the clumsy coils of cable: a short, and more importantly, flat cable going around the body, with its flat-profiled plug fitting into one of the ports. One thing that may not be apparent: this power strip actually has SIX outlets – there are three on each sides. I’m naturally led to wonder about its thickness – but (cleverly?) I haven’t come across a side profile of this on its website.

Another issue raises my eyebrow – from its own product feature list: “Outlets to Go will provide safe charging for up to four devices, and prevents overloads with its resettable circuit breaker”. So, why do they have six outlets when you can only safely use four?


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