Apple iLaunch

This parody of Apple’s new product launches really tickles my funny bones:

 Jobs introduces Jobs introducing the iLaunch, Apple’s new product-unveiling product.

The iLaunch, as the new product is called, was then raised up from below the stage, prompting the audience of technology journalists, developers, and self-professed “Apple fanatics” to burst into a five-minute standing ovation.

“Get ready for the future of product introduction,” said Jobs, looking resplendent in a black turtleneck and faded jeans. “The iLaunch will be able to make announcements from this, or any other stage, making human participation in generating consumer awareness almost entirely unnecessary.”

Whether you’re an Apple fan or Apple hater (are there really any neutrals?), I’m sure you’d agree that the article vividly captures the spirit of most of Apple’s product launches –  a carefully orchestrated event that borders on being cultish (or actually, probably already), calculated and inspired to achieve the greatest bang possible, and casting every star product on each show as the must-have, revolutionary one.


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  1. entertainmentmusings on

    i didn’t really get the idea behind a product used to launch new products….Kind of weird in my opinion.

  2. Gems Sty on


    Well actually it’s not a real product – The Onion a satire site poking fun at various issues – and this time they’ve taken on Apple’s usually pompous product launches!

  3. […] Originally from Technorati Search for: apple AND parody […]

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