Spatial Visualization Game


I remember a few years ago, in the admission aptitude test for the industrial design course, there were questions that tested our spatial visualization abilities. A few 3D perspective views of some blocks were given, and we were supposed to construct the top, front and side views. I didn’t remember it being too much of a challenge then.

This game is slightly more difficult than that – instead of giving you the 3d perspective to construct the elevation views, it does the reverse – and requires you to construct the blocks in 3D instead, with an additional requirement in terms of the total number of cubes used (as little as possible).

There are a total of 10 puzzles (figuur 1 to 10). A green dot beside the puzzle name indicates that the 3 views are correct, but the number of cubes are not. The goal is to achieve the yellow dot. Try it!

[PS: if you want to make it more challenging, try not to use the “Fill up” button!]


4 comments so far

  1. bob on

    House 8 can be built with fewer blocks than it requires.

  2. Ralphie The Fricking fish on


  3. kid on

    THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Gonzales on

    Love this!!! Any more like this?? Please share

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