Where did chickens come from?

Short quip: Chicken first, or egg first?

Maybe, dinosaur.


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  1. Navdeep on

    I have a simple answer to this.

    Egg first, this is because a chick comes out of an egg and egg from a chicken. So, chicken can’t come from an egg and hence Egg came first.

    This is my thought…

  2. Gems Sty on

    Would that be a chicken egg or a T-rex egg?

  3. Wayne on

    It proves there is a God. Can’t have one with out two of the other!! Think about it…..

  4. Anonymous on

    hey does any one ever think they came from a certin place in the us

  5. not germs on

    i know .. the real answer and its so easy as abc
    chicken 1st

  6. not germs on

    i agree with WAYNE..
    he so cool

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