Julian Beever in Singapore

Julian Beever in Singapore

For those of you who’re in Singapore (where I’m at), you might have noticed that a tent has been set up for an artist to sketch on the pavement tiles the past few days. While you may not know the name of this artist, it’s quite likely that you’ve seen some of his works whether in forwarded emails or links to the website, where he draws anamorphic illusions on pavements using chalk. When seen from a particular perspective, the drawing looks like 3D in perspective. Here’s a link to the archive of his works.

Above is the drawing – more commercialized and straightforward than some of his other decidedly more tantalizing works.  It’s a pity, but I guess someone has to foot the bill after all.

[Is it just me or does the boat in the canal near the bridge looking like a gorilla baring its teeth?]


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  1. Velouria on

    Hey, yeah! I was with a couple of mates outside the Raffles City shopping centre when we saw people crowding around this tent, armed with cameraphones and digicams. Being typical Singaporeans(whenever neccessary heh), we went to check it out. I recognised immediately the artiste upon seeing the art. “Julian Beever!”

    I’m surprised he visisted us here!

    Nice work, yay! :o]

  2. Gems Sty on

    Yeah, Julian Beever definitely has established his highly recognisable, signature style of street art. I only wish more of these street art would appear more spontaneously around.

  3. jeri Lenngerfoot on

    you are awesome

  4. vanbear on

    I really like his work. This is so amazing. I’d love to be able to do art like that. Personally, I wish there was more street art. I hope JUlian gets really weathy and fast! His art is truly breathtaking

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