Playground formed from a Line

Playground from a Line

This is as much an art installation as a out-of-the-box playground design. If I knew more Dutch (is it Dutch?) I’d probably be able to give you more information, but as for now, you can simply head on to the artist’s site.


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  1. halbarad88 on

    Yes it is dutch.

    A bit more information:

    The design is based on a growing tube with a diameter of 50mm. It starts at the entrance as a handrail of the school and it starts it own life. It goes into the playground and turns into a soccer goal, basketball basket, benches and lots of other objects. Then it even goes inside and continues to turn into useable objecs. A stage, a lab, and more benches.

    It’s a really cool project. I should go there sometime.

  2. Gems Sty on

    Hi halbarad88,

    Thanks a lot for your clarification! That helped to give a much better picture of the project’s vision and idea!

  3. drawer on

    wow~ very cool concept neh

  4. fitness articles on

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