Nose Pouch

 Nose Pouch

The superlative description on its homepage – “Newest functional innovation in the handkerchief since the Dark Ages! Dont call it a handkerchief, call it a NosePouch!” amused me. At the same time it also makes me want to dismiss it as yet another entry  in “one-of-those-inventions”. But, (perhaps influenced by my current runny nose), I reconsidered and questioned myself – why was my first reaction to dismiss it? What was the gap between this and those which I’d exclaim “why didn’t I think of that”?

Does it not solve a problem? Well I think it does – the pouch-design would help to contain the goo from a case of bad flu. Even while many have converted to tissue papers, there are still the steadfast handkerchief group – so marketing may not be an issue either. Could it be simply down to the unpolished presentation and web design? Probably.

It really matters how you package it.


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