Interesting Flash Ball-Game


The game is simple. You have one click to ‘explode’ a ball. As the ball explodes, those near it will also explode in a chain reaction as well. The idea is also simple. Progress through the many levels by meeting the increasingly higher number of target balls to detonate. With a nice background music too!

And, perhaps weirdly, I find myself looking at this game as an analogy to bringing a successful product/innovation in the marketplace. At the higher levels, you’d realize that chances are, if you click when there are a large number of balls already converged and congregated, you wouldn’t meet your target. Instead, you have to somewhat project your mental picture forward in time, to anticipate and spot a converging trend before it happens. That way, the chain-link gets to be more sustainable.

Maybe I’m just thinking too much?


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  1. noer123 on

    This is a fascinating waste of time and for some reason you just stay put anyway!
    You have a good point on your analogy. It is a lot about finding the “empty spots” with high potentials. I just wish we had the relaxing music as well!

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