Brilliant Coffee-Kiss Sculpture

Coffee Kiss Sculpture


The pottery, named Yuanyang II, is one of the collections of Hong Kong Museum of Art now displaying at the Central Concourse of Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). It is produced by Tsang Cheung-shing, a ceramic art tutor and product designer.

Yuanyang II is modeled in a distinctive form with two figures indulged in kissing each other. Their heads support two elegant cups for drinking tea and coffee. The form and concept design fully complement the theme “Yuanyang” (a typical Hong Kong beverage of mixing tea and coffee), a symbol of marriage and love, with a touch of humour for artistic creation.


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  1. paintingartist on

    Amazing! The conception and execution are remarkable. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gems Sty on

    Thanks for dropping by! Keep in touch!

  3. hann on

    Sweet! (And I’m talking about the sculpture, not yuanyang in general.)

    I passed by the building the other day (to get a snapshot of the HK skyline from Tsim Sha Tsui)… and the building looked pretty cold and uninviting… guess this warrants another trip down!

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  5. al on

    Is a copy of this sculpture available for sale? Thanks

  6. Sandy on

    Is a copy for sale? What an uplifting piece of art!

  7. Robert on

    I would love to obtain a copy of this one, as well as see other examples from this artist. Are copies available?

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  10. Bitter on

    Come on, that picture has been on dozens of blogs… stolen pictures doesnt make a good blog.
    Find something NEW!!

  11. Peter on

    Truly brilliant.

  12. jacki on

    how much is this and where can i get one?

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