Arc Light – Troja

Troja Light

If you’re looking for a arch-shaped floor lamp for your home, and you’re thinking “Damn, it’s so cliche to get the Arco!” – well here’s your salvation! The Troja light, by hansandfrans, offers a more modern take on the typology of an arched floor lamp. With its simple and yet distinct outline, it may eventually grow to be another icon in itself. A small peeve for me though is the look of the lights (3rd picture) – it makes it feel just a little too much like a lamp for an operating theatre.


2 comments so far

  1. Duegi on

    What a nice looking piece! The form is simplicity defined although I agree with your take on the lights themselves. Are they LEDs? I wonder if changing the diffuser would correct the problem. I may have to look into buying one.

    Thanks for continuing to run a great site!


  2. Gems Sty on

    Hi Doug,

    I don’t have too much information on the components of this lamp – maybe you can ask them? They certainly look like LEDs to me.

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