Beautifying Storm Sewer Openings


Artists in Brazil, under the handle 6EMEIA, have been adding artistic touches to São Paulo’s storm sewer openings with graphics like these. Cute and creative – and certainly with much less angst than many of the typical urban graffiti – they add an element of fun and happiness in the grey urbanscape. The Daily F’log has more pictures.


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  1. April Holle on

    I love this kind of stuff. I live in Phoenix, Arizona and everytime I see a sticker or a piece of art that masks the dulldrum of everyday grey it makes me smile. It’s nice to find artistic expression where you least expect it. 🙂

  2. SAO! on

    thanks for show our pics.
    have a good week


  3. tuvie on

    beautiful art, it doesn’t matter where you are, even the start can be your canvas.

  4. tuvie on

    sorry, I meant “the street”

  5. Fika on

    Oooh I wouldn’t mind seeing these on the street at all.

    Do you think we’ll ever see this on the streets of Singapore? Some of the mailboxes are painted. It’s a start I guess.

  6. Gems Sty on

    Hey SAO!,
    You guys are great! Keep it up!

    I suppose the mailboxes are a start. Singapore’s learning to appreciate art – while I hope that more spontaneous expression can be tolerated (actually, *encouraged*) as opposed to the organized nature for the mailboxes (they are a result of a art/design competition organized by the Ministry of Communications and the Arts). But it’s a good start nonetheless!

  7. Enlaces para leer y ver 46 « el50 on

    […] 22nd, 2007 Alcantarillas adornadas / 6EMEIA / Gems Sty. Un grupo de artistas brasileños de nombre 6EMEIA empezó añadir adornos a las entradas de las […]

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