Light-emitting Wallpaper

wallpaper light

Imagine if your wallpaper can light up! And when it’s not lit, it’s totally indistinguishable and looks just like a normal wallpaper. That is what designer Jonas Samson has come up with – though I’m short of details of how exactly does it work beneath the surface.

[via yatzer]


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  1. Duh on

    > I’m short of details of how exactly does it work beneath the surface.

    Photoshop ?

  2. boohoo on

    zing! 😀

  3. future gadgets on

    Cool wallpaper, especially at night !

  4. deusdiabolus on

    Now if they figure out a way to make it sound-reactive, it would bring a whole new dimension to house parties. (Although it would probably be best if you can turn that on and off…it wouldn’t be enjoyable while watching movies.)

  5. emmilaine on

    that is amaza-zing

  6. Joe on

    Wow, this is really awesome :] Wouldn’t it be simpler to just make glow in the dark wallpaper, which I think has already been made anyway :] The images above look photoshopped :] But if not, then it’s pretty cool.

  7. switzerkid on

    Interesting! Now it’s the availability and the price I have to be afraid of.

  8. boygenius on

    wow,this is a great blog i like yua ingeniuty.

  9. called-EL on

    The material is called electroluminesent film or EL. I find it hard to believe people have never seen this as it is a pretty common decoration on cars these days. You can buy it in sheets just like paper and cut it to any shape you like. It does requires a power supply and the effect requires low light but it’s cool stuff.
    The application here is nice. Certainly would require some dedication to keep all the circuits clean on those leaves.

  10. jeremy on

    Very interesting, Would it pump out enough light to read by?

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  12. on

    that’s cool!
    I guess it won’t be so cheap huh?
    it would be cooler on a dark wall

  13. beatlesnumber9 on

    Dude, I want some!

  14. quattro on

    in the pic it looks like PS. however, E.L. sheeting could work. you could have electric hidden behind one of the sheets. possibly have a controller with some remote control device to change or adjust settings. that would freakin rock…even have a micro pc in the wall controlling audio reactive elements of the design. it’d cost you an arm and a leg right now…but give it time and we’ll be printing el stuff off desktop printers.

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  16. SciFi man on

    Heh, that would be cool to have it on a ceiling at night 🙂

  17. Eish on

    Drill holes through the wall, put semi transparent window glaze tint sheeting on the wall, turn on a super bright light in the room next door and viola, you have your own “cheaper” solution… LOL!!

  18. shopchopper on

    Presuming the image grows over a period of time it seems to me that the dude on the floor doesn’t move one bit the whole time… PHOTOSHOPPED stupid!!!

  19. Alan Brookland on

    I can’t be the only one who’s sick of designers coming up with these ‘concepts’ with nothing backing them up in reality. I’d like a floating cloud I could ride on, an electric car powered solely by my dreams and to be able to shoot lasers out of my contact lenses, but I can’t.
    I’m afraid, without any idea of how he’s going to make this wallpaper (and I don’t buy electroluminesent film, it just doesn’t look like that) then this is all just smoke and mirrors.

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