Construction Paper Art

Construction Paper Art

I thought construction papers were mostly just for book covers and the occasional handicraft – but look how far this material can be sculpted! Breathtaking works of art by Jen Stark – the explosion of colors were carefully cut and ‘peeled’ off from a thick stack of construction paper – I really wonder how much time and painstaking effort it took to create an artwork like this. Great photography to capture it too!

More of her works here!


9 comments so far

  1. katkmeanders on

    Wow, indeed! Amazing! Thank you for posting this. I just hope she didn’t get any papercuts while making the sculpture. I’d say not, since there are no stains.

  2. ender on

    WOW … that is really impressive. i can’t imagine that kind of patience.

  3. aleena on

    this is just amazing i’m gobsmacked well done
    i’m just amazed at how someone can produce such wonderful work

  4. Olga on

    beautiful, amazing work of art!!!

  5. sakshi on

    it is really amazing………
    m a gr8 fan of al these things..n as per the people a gud artist too….

  6. djtufdhgh on

    That is awesome

  7. ArtCreatGood on

    Wow! Nice creative and good idea!

  8. vaibhav on

    just no words enough!!!

    teach me tooooooooooo

  9. Bhangel on

    How to make very awesome plssssssss

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