Solar Power + Skylight in One

Suntech Solar Grids

Light Thru

We have learnt from iPod that an elegant (need not be novel) and well-executed solution could herald a revolution in how we perceive and subsequently expect products. To me, the solar panel above could very well be one of the examples too.

Traditionally solar power panels are often conceived as an additional layer in the architecture – they are added onto existing infrastructure (roofs, walls, etc.) in large pieces. While there are some exceptions, often these solar panels jar out compared to the rest of the aesthetics. In a way you trade aesthetics for eco credence.

The photovoltaic system above by Suntech, however, is an elegant exception. The photo-voltaic cells are integrated within the laminated glass panels. They are arranged in a grid of rounded squares, with spacing in between that allows sunlight to fall – so you get both sunlight and power in one go (and some shade too!). I could imagine many courtyards, balconies, high-rise green canopies, etc. that would benefit from this.

[via Ecotality]


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  1. david on

    This is very cool. I want one.

  2. jason on

    this is so kool but wat is it?

  3. Gems Sty on

    Hi Jason,

    The black squares are all solar panels that are embedded with glass panels. This way, when the sun shines through, electricity is generated while still allowing some sunlight to pass through (the areas that are not covered by the solar cells).

    It is a fully integrated approach to solar power while still retaining some ability to allow sunlight in.

  4. […] Article taken from  Gemssty […]

  5. L. Roundhill on

    This is an interesting concept, but limited in its thinking. Eco-scientists needs to work on the next generation of skylight: One that would let visible light through, but harness the suns harmful energy to generate solar power at the same time. This translucent panel would look vaguely smoked perhaps but actually be storing the filtered out light for use at night. Imagine all those skylights worldwide turned into solar panels, but still letting usable light through during the day, and without having to look at the undersides of solar cells. And imagine that they track the sun all day long to maximize solar exposure. THis will not be easy, but do-able, and definitely should receive some thought. The best solution would be an economical retrofit of existing skylights, but I am only dreaming…

  6. neha on

    this looks really interesting. i am a student of architecture n i want to use this in my design so would love to know more about it.

  7. solar power brisbane on

    Love these images. I want to encompass pv technology in all aspects of building design. However, at the moment its just a litle to expensive

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