Alphabets of Design Classics

Alphabets of Design Classics
What better way to turn your tots into design addicts and connoisseurs than this Alphabet of Design Classics series by Blue Ant Studio. Or simply as a great decoration in the spirit of humor and fun. The likes of apples, bananas and cats fades out to give way to Aalto, Bertoia and Castiliogni – each with a nicely done silhouette of an iconic design piece. Personally for me I would have put the LCW molded plywood chair for Eames, and perhaps Panton for P. Perhaps you’d have a different take too.

After publishing it on their blog and receiving great feedback, these posters are now available as prints too!


2 comments so far

  1. sophie on

    What a fun thing. If only I grew up learning A for Aalto instead of A for Apple, I might have grown to be a great architect or designer LOL!! :p

    Incidentally, speaking about Aalto, I heard there’s gonna be an Alvar Aalto exhibition coming up soon, part of the Singapore Design Festival I think ‘cos I found it here:

  2. Gems Sty on

    Ah thanks for the head up, Sophie. I’d definitely keep a look out for the Aalto exhibition.

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