Thai Movie-Ad: Smooth E

Once in a while, you get an ad that transcends the very definition of an ad. One that is so remarkably and creatively different from the pack, it shines. I think this is one of them.

The product is as typical as any – a facial cream. You can already picture how an ordinary ad for this would be – a pretty (fair) model rubs the cream into her palm, uses it, and the slow-motion sideview take of the water splashing her face, which leads to an end cut-scene extolling the virtues of Brand X cream, and your life becomes perfect.

But this one manage to narrate it through a series of four short movies (or long ads) – the story can either be cheesy or touching depending on your point of view – but the ad scores brownie points for me when they were able to laugh at themselves: ridiculing the very medium of an advertisement while being on an advertisement. It also doesn’t make it seem like magic will ooze out once you use it like most ads would have portrayed – so there’s an element of honesty there as well (wow!). It’s Thai-produced, so you’d recognize their almost trademark exaggeration and comical humor as well.

They have managed to produce one that in my opinion, even draws people to want to watch it, to “can’t-wait for it to be screened”. That is some feat indeed!


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