Freitag Design Competition

Freitag Design Competition

Designed a truck before? How about a bag? How about both (nearly, anyway)? FREITAG, known for making bags out of used truck tarpaulins, is organizing a design contest for the truck tarpaulin. The design would first be used on trucks for 5 years, until they get cut and harvested into limited edition bags.

Kind-of like a subversion of host-and-parasite, cause-and-effect, don’t you think? Bags that started off picking whatever waste was available is now in a strong enough economic position to try to alter it upstream. Fortunately in this case the tarpaulin do get used just as any others – so the core spirit isn’t that much off yet. Here’s FREITAG’s reason for this competition:

They still exist, the <undesigned> truck tarps. Colors, signals, stripes, circles and bars form words and messages. These <undesigned> truck-tarps form the basis for the production of FREITAG bags.

However, the truck-tarp <diversity of species> is endangered. Increasingly they are being used as moving advertising space, wallpapered with uniform advertising campaigns. With the <Design-A-Truck> contest FREITAG is making the first moves to preserve transit graphics.

Head over if you will!

[via swissmiss]


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