Dandelion Online Exhibition

Dandelion - IDAsia

Some of you might remember the call-for-entry on Gems Sty for the Dandelion online exhibition some time back – I’m happy to announce that the Dandelion Exhibition is up and running! This is an online exhibition (showcasing designs – mostly from Asia – that are at least in the prototype stage) held in conjunction with the Singapore Design Festival, which is slated to run from 28 Nov to 8 Dec.
Over the next few weeks, you’d probably be seeing more posts about other activities held in relation to the design festival. Right now it’s still pretty low-key for the general public though, apart from a sprinkle of bus stop advertisements here and there. Hopefully it’d drum up to be a more happening affair as the dates draw near.

Incidentally too, as I’d be involved in the exhibition as well (in real life), posts might get a little slower the next week or so as I scramble to get stuff up and ready. Stay tuned!


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  1. Linyou on

    yeah man i was just telling weiliang i wondered who all this exhibitions etc are for. Designers? or the public? I can see there’s a crazy amount of activities being drawn up, so many of them that it has become a bit messy. U start to wonder which to go and slowly probably wun even go as there’s too many to find out abt.
    Anyway shouldn’t this be for the public? increasing their awareness and stuff? i bet it’s so low profile that some designers dun even know abt it ha.

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