Techniques to Deceive

Disney Castle windows

Did you know that the higher windows on the Disney Castle was purposefully made smaller so that the tower could look taller? Well I didn’t know either.

Disney World in Florida had a height restriction for their Cinderella’s Castle. So they used forced perspective to make it look taller. As tourists we assume that the lower windows and the upper windows are the same size but the upper ones look smaller because they are high up on the castle. It is true the higher ones would look smaller, but upper windows were purposely made smaller than the lower windows forcing us to interpret the castle as being taller than it actually is.

That’s a really interesting detail. A lot more of these tactics of persuasion – to lead the viewers into believing in something more desired/positive – are right here on this page. We might be familiar with the concept behind many of them, such as product placement, perspective play and ‘selective honesty’ – but it’s still rather fascinating to see how it actually manifests in actual examples.


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  1. Duegi on

    My favorite example of this is Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. There are three levels of balconies and the railing reduces in size with each increase in height. The lowest railing is the tallest and the upper railing is the shortest. This forces the perspective and gives the illusion of a much larger structure. The house is only 2000 sq. ft.(of course, just adding the balconies made it look bigger too!). I can tell you that standing on the top balcony with the railing hitting at about knee level is a bit uncomfortable!

  2. Gems Sty on

    Wow Duegi, that’s something I never knew – none of those professors told me that in my Architecture 101 course. As per the design intent, I really did thought it was much bigger than 2000 sq. feet. Thanks for that information…someday I shall go see it…

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