[Greenhouse Effect] Concepts (Part 1)

Cup Lasso

Cup Lasso might require some understanding of the Singaporean context. When you buy a take-away hot drink in a coffee shop, chances are you’d end up with a disposable plastic cup carrier (the green thing on the left photo). Cup Lasso (pictured on the right) is a permanent alternative to this item. Apart from reducing the usage of plastic carriers (which may occur on a daily basis – e.g. for your post-lunch coffee), it can also be an identity, a statement in support of being more sustainable – somewhat like the Live Strong bracelets.

‘Bin There’ Table

‘Bin There’ is a table with an in-built rubbish trapdoor. While eliminating an unnecessary extra rubbish bin, it also makes it more convenient for the users, who can simply sweep their tabletop wastes into a plastic bag below. Eco-design does not necessitate sacrifices – in some cases, they can even enhance the functions. The plastic bag can be hanged onto sliding hooks below the table, accommodating a wide variety of plastic bag sizes.

Wax Pod

WaxPod brings a familiar eco-concept to a new area of application. Refillable shampoos, lotions, etc. have been around for a long time – they consume less resources as the refills are packed in less energy and resource intensive packagings. Why not hair wax then – as it is a product that one uses constantly? In WaxPod, the white external casing is permanent, while refills come in ‘pods’ (black parts). The slits you see at the bottom of the product are vents for an optional air-freshener module, which are frequently deployed within the same setting. This reduces the total packaging and housing materials required substantially.

[This post is part of the series on the ‘GreenHouse Effect’ exhibition under the Singapore Design Festival].


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  1. Jollibean on

    hey keep the other parts coming in!

  2. Gems Sty on

    Coming soon~~~ 😉

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