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Philips Robotskin

Here’s an advertisement for Philips shaver, set in a sci-fi futuristic setting. I liked the artistic direction and details of the film – but at the same time, I can’t help but to wonder whether it’s (waaaaay) too elaborate for a shaver. If it was for a car, I can still associate the emotional attachment. But for a shaver, it is attempting to give too much of an mystical aura to a shaver – is there anybody that emotionally engaged and invested in their shavers?


Family Guy – Star Wars

Star Wars - Family Guy

Heh, this is a pretty cool spoof poster!


Art for Geeks

How do you get computer geeks to be interested in fine art? By subverting them with modern geekiness, of course! There’s a Flickr set with some really funny alterations to classic art pieces – some examples are here:



Battle Scene

Many more hilarious examples on this Flickr set!

Comments + Critique Time

You might’ve missed a rather interesting discussion in the comments of one of my earlier posts – about the patent and novelty issues on the MUJI winning entries. Scott, a designer-engineer-patent-agent hybrid brought up some interesting perspectives, and in our conversation I thought it’d be a pity that we don’t get to see the other entries. So Scott has uploaded his in the spirit of sharing – maybe we can both crit and get inspired?


The first one is called Postie. “It’s a simple bent structure that offers a day-of-the-week platform for POST-IT’s to help organize the THINGS TO DO and various meetings, etc per week. As you know, the mind works well graphically and this simple structure should help the worker visualize what needs to be done and by when.”

Post It Stand

The other idea is the Tackie. Scott: “This one is a two-pin thumb tack that is designed like a coin (better grip) and further includes a curved slot that can receive a card for advertisement. I know using two pins for thumb-tacks is known, but not the combination of two pins and a coin-like handle and the slot. The thumb-tacks are also stackable for cleaner and safer storage.”


Scott - MUJI Tackie


Personally for POSTIE, I liked the idea of using Post-Its as a medium for activity planning. Them being spontaneous and convenient gives a more flexible approach to laying out your schedules – adding an appointment simply means tacking on an extra note in the relevant space. However, the design solution felt rather clunky (despite it being collapsible) – it seems too much of a material structure for the sole purpose of delineating days. Could the same purpose have been achieved not by a metal product but maybe by graphics, especially as MUJI is rather particular about clutter.

As for the Tackie idea, I definitely agree on the easier-and-safer to store part. Most pins are cluttered in boxes which can be difficult/’prickly’ to retrieve. I was mentally trying to search for applications for these pins though – what are the wider applications apart from the notice board (which seems rather niche). Aesthetically, I think MUJI has a rather particular ‘fetish’ for being simple and not overtly attention-seeking. Maybe something like this?

Pin Suggestion


Ride your Bike!

Loved the light-hearted, leisurely soundtrack that accompanies this ad encouraging more people to ride the bicycle in London. Perfectly encapsulates the mood of riding, don’t you think?

Global Package Gallery

Packaging Gallery & Examples

If you’re designing packaging, you’d probably find the Global Package Gallery very useful as an reference for what have been done before.  It’s an archive (still in BETA stage, though reasonably populated already) of packaging designs categorized into various types: beverages, food, electronic, etc. With more time the site might very well expand and become the grand daddy archive of good packaging.

Meat Part Keychain

Meat Parts

Any of you can’t separate tenderloin from sirloin? Yeah, me neither. These little keychains called ‘Gotoshi Dissection Animals‘ help you distinguish each part of the animal. They’re not actually limited to only popular edible animals though – I doubt, for example, that you eat pandas on a regular basis.

What’s the catch (pardon the pun)? Well you’d have to learn Japanese first before you can understand the naming – so it may still be easier to memorize the anatomy!

[via NOTCOT]

iPhone Guitar

Give a man a fish. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Give a man (or for that matter, hopefully many men) an open platform in touch-interactivity, however, and you’d start to get really interesting and creative applications – quite certainly more than you’ve ever envisioned yourself. In this case – it’s for the Apple iPhone. Previously some concepts like Starbucks coffee ordering sprang up on the net – while perhaps useful I didn’t think it was particularly creative in harnessing the iPhone’s capability.

This one, however, is pretty cool (and a ready app too – if you’ve not upgraded to the latest firmware):

iPhone Guitar

While it’s still in a rather primitive state currently, it does show potential in really harnessing and leveraging on the iPhone’s touch-sensor capabilities. Imagine a guitar that fits in your pockets! Practise and pluck over with your earphones while you travel, to the accompanying MP3 tune on the phone! Too bad Apple’s still insisting on a closed platform.

Building 3D Models by Tracing

It seems like 3D modeling is getting easier and easier – trace the overall outline from a video and voila – you’ve got a material-ed and rendered 3d object! Of course this is the promotional video which means that everything works approximately 132 times better than the actual application. But it’s still quite impressive nonetheless to me.  I believe that there will be a time where 3D modeling skills are like typing skills nowadays – everybody (kind of) has it, and it doesn’t matter that much anymore since it’s relatively much easier. While we’re probably still years or decades away from that, it certainly looks like software and AI for 3D are heading in that direction…

Stunning AIDS Commercial (NSFW)

AIDS Commercial

This is a visually stunning production – an advertisement warning of the dangers of AIDS (especially in the context of casual sex). Certainly Not Suitable for Work – though the artistic direction, the twist and contortions of the human body and the intensity of the imageries were absolutely first-rate and powerful.

Check it out here!