Clever Shower Curtain Rail


Pluviae Shower Head

A metal water pipe attached to the wall well above head level describes a complete circle before spiralling on itself and completing its journey at the shower head, located in the very centre of the circle. If you want a shower curtain, all you need to do is to hang it from the water pipe, which doubles as a curtain rail: it could hardly be any simpler.

Ah! Cleverness and elegance in the solution! Why have two things when you can accomplish the objective in one? Designed by Matteo Thun & Partners,  this shower head + curtain rail combo would certainly add an element of interest in your bathroom.

[via Since1984]


5 comments so far

  1. future designs on

    it’s like shower under the rain …

  2. cy on

    however, when you look at Lloyd Hotel designed by MVRDV, this curtain seems a bit redundant. Check it out:

  3. tapping eft on

    Cool info it is actually. Friend on mine has been waiting for this content.

  4. Karma Dla Psa on

    Karma Dla Psa…

    … just look what I found ……

  5. stefania on

    Vorrei acquistare “doccia con bastone circolare”. Come farequanto misura di diametro?

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