Weiner Circle

This is  a pretty interesting video about a hot-dog stand in Chicago that made its business by featuring abusive customer service. Yes you’ve read that right – abusive. Their staff would hurl vulgarities at the customers, and (most of?) the customers actually enjoy the one-of-a-kind experience, or come for it.

Pretty interesting, eh? [Warning, coarse language NSFW]


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  1. sun bear on

    I got quite sick of the voice of my GPS Navigator, and thought of an idea sometime ago which uses this concept.

    Instead of a pleasant female voice saying:”In 0.5 miles, turn left”

    It can say: “Hey *****, turn ****ing right in 0.5 miles”.

    And when you make the wrong turn, instead of saying:”Re-calculating…”

    It can say:”What the **** you stupid *** of a *****”

    A Cantonese version for the guys in Hong Kong and KL can be quite cool too!

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