Wall Cleat

Coming from a place that inherited the British wall plug (that comes default with on/off switches, eliminating the need to unplug), I never quite understood why’d anyone decide to have sockets without switches. Of course, that’s how a big chunk of the world operates, embedded in legacy lock-in – and as such it is up to individual designers to attempt to accommodate such decisions.

The Wall Cleat, designed by Karl Zahn, has very simple extensions above and below the standard socket – allowing one to coil extra cables around it. While particularly useful when the cable is unplugged, I could also see it as a simple yet effective device to manage cables that are almost by their very (evil) nature, messy.

A simple solution for a (not-so) simple problem.

[via NOTCOT]


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  1. Scott on

    Sharp looking design on an old concept (there have been many similar structures patented). I’d be worried that the little screw holding the plate to the outlet wouldn’t be able to handle the load transferred from the cord during normal use.


  2. Gems Sty on

    Hey Scott – that’s certainly a valid input from the engineering perspective that I tend to miss. Everything going well for you?

  3. Scott on

    Hey Kok:

    It’s been a while! I’ve been keeping busy developing some more products on the side – I finally got my shop up and running and I hope to realize some old clock and sculpture ideas I’ve had for a long time.

    how are things with you?

  4. MJMyers on

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