MUJI Design Award 03

Time flies – the MUJI Design Award is round the corner again!

MUJI is pleased to announce the launch of its third MUJI AWARD International Design Competition. Its theme this time is “Found MUJI”. Since it was established in Japan 28 years ago, MUJI has maintained its approach of observing and thinking about everyday life. This involves taking a view of the world, learning from the wisdom of predecessors, discovering the benefits of something that has been used for a long period of time and translating these ideas into the design of products that are consistent with our current lifestyle.

Taking on this approach what can you create, when considering the life, culture and tradition of a particular region of the world, giving it a MUJI viewpoint, while at the same time respecting its origins? MUJI is hoping to receive timeless and convincing designs from around the world.

I particularly liked this year’s theme – it seems like it’d bring to surface a lot of interesting observations and subconscious rituals, and how that translates to products/designs. Deadline’s 31st July – start looking!

[Official MUJI Award website]


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