When is a design ‘finished’?

When is a design done? As design itself is usually a rather subjective judgment, designers are often lulled into a seemingly endless cycle of re-examination and ‘that-last-bit-of-tweaking’. abduzeedo asks 23 professional (graphic) designers on their take on when/how they consider their design work to be finished – here are some samples:

“I know a design is finished when every time I add something or adjust something it seems to get worse. I often create a set of history snapshots of the design trying different things – additions or small alterations – and then show them to my wife – who is also a designer. When we both agree that the original is already complete then I delete the snapshots and stop there. Of course sometimes adding one more element can lead you down a whole other path of design, and I have wound up totally reworking a look. But that’s the joy of design, there are always many solutions to a problem!” – Collis Ta’eed.

“I’m never sure if a design is done unless i take a break from it and don’t bother looking at it until the next morning. If what I see the next day puts a smile on my face, then it’s done.” – Kevin Brisseaux

“When the deadline is met.” – James Wignall

“I am finished with a piece when nothing else I add looks good. To me this means the piece isn’t finished, it’s simply reached my creative limitations.” – Joshua Smith

Your take?


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