Don’t Look at the Gorilla!

There’s probably few designers who can boast of a design brief as unique as this:

On 18 May a gorilla named Bokito escaped from Rotterdam Zoo. During his escape the animal attacked a female visitor, who had frequent eye contact with the animal. This presumably led to the attack, since gorillas do not like direct eye contact. Health insurance company FBTO always offers simple solutions, so the weekend after the escape we distributed more than 2.000 so-called BokitoViewers at the entrance to Rotterdam Zoo.

Now the gorillas will probably be wondering why’s everyone looking in that direction…


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  1. HEY! on

    What about black people…

    • k1oik on

      What about them? Who cares?

      • ... on


  2. Travis on

    I lol’d. they should make different eye directions, too.

  3. Mee on

    Gorillas can’t tell between skin colors šŸ˜›

  4. Green on

    Mee is right, they also can’t tell the difference between helvetica and humanist 777, which blew my mind as well. Though they could pick up copyright infringement on corporate annual reports.

  5. My Name on

    The glasses are a great idea and would work – but I another think that monkeys and apes don’t like is raising your eyebrows – I tried this once in India with wild monkeys and I don’t recommend it.

    The other thing is Gorillas not being able to distinguish between black and white skin tones. Does anyone have any research on this, as Gorillas can see colour?

  6. william on

    they only have 1 black person in rotterdam

  7. jesus on

    gorillas don’t attack their family.

  8. wrybeauty on


    please go die. for the sake of future generations, just go die.

  9. David on

    I lolled.
    Wrybeauty should remove the buttplug from her ass it’s making her into a butthurt little faggot.

  10. gwoo on

    Oh, so it’s his fault for coming out and stating what everybody knows. Niggers are hominids. They’re much closer related to monkeys than whites are. You can see this from their behavior (noise, violence) as well as their facial geometry, especially around the nose and the eyes.

    Check out pictures of Yaphet Kotto sometime if you don’t believe me.

    • k1oik on

      Finally, someone speaks troof about the nigger beast.

  11. spellred on

    wrybeauty ,get a sense of humor ! Funny Jesus !

  12. igor on

    Glasses for black people wont be a problem, cuz its ROTTERDAM Zoo. How many black people do you think live in Rotterdam?

  13. igor on

    oops didnt read all the comments, sorry Will

  14. lolz on

    gwoo, you fucking douche

  15. Blogging Tips And Tricks on

    I lol’d because wrybeauty told jesus to die “for the sake of future generations” JEBUS DIE 4 UR SINZZ@!!!!


  16. merps on

    I need a pair of these super bad! i live in Detroit there are apes EVERYWHERE!!!

  17. Hm… raised eyebrows are interesting. probably should re-do that.

  18. SaneOne on

    The ignorance of the above comments just boggles the mind. I surely these people have not or do not plan to procreate.

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