Have Internet YOUR way!

Hey look – Google has just dedicated its homepage to my site!! I swear there wasn’t any Photoshop involved!

But… there may be just something else. Just indulge me if you’ve known this little nifty piece of code for a while – but it turns out that if you paste the following code in most browsers, you can start to edit their site’s content as you wish:

javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0

Of course, this is just about editing the local copy on your own computer’s browser – it does nothing to the real website. Of course, you can also do this in Photoshop (but it’s gonna be a bitch matching all every font, font size, etc). Of course, you can also just download/save the site and edit it – but they don’t beat the simplicity of this one line of code aye?

And this code is also probably one of the ways Internet marketing scams “prove” to you that without doing anything whatsoever, they can get Adsense/Paypal/Bank Account credit of $xxxxx *EVERY DAY!!*.

So there – if you didn’t know about it, go ahead and deface (my?) site!

[via Blogstorm]


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