VooDoo Envy Laptop & Packaging

I think Voodoo has certainly showed that they are pulling out every last trick to conjure the absolutely lust-worthy, live-up-to-its-namesake ‘Envy’ laptop. Nothing’s spared – from the packaging we see the high-quality squarish box with a signature cut in front; the microfiber sleeve that comes with it…

On to the laptop itself – taking on a bold, boxy profile with the high-gloss, genuine hand-formed carbon fiber shell (reminds me of Japanese lacquerware or urushi); thickness is only at 0.7 inches (1.79cm); the microweave texture on the surface; and the unique array of dimples replacing the staid trackpad.

There are a few things that I liked about these designs, which are rather rare among other similar products. Firstly, they’ve included the microfiber sleeve that is gorgeous enough to be used as a day-to-day laptop skin – the packaging isn’t necessarily just a temporary refuge for the product waiting to perish after unboxing. Instead I suspect most owners will keep the sleeve and it will remain as an iconic companion together with the laptop.

Also, as everyone’s led and harping about Apple’s ‘simplicity’ I like how Envy’s going on all burners in the details with textures. Personally I think appropriately placed surface textures add interest and detail to a product, helping to prolong an interactive experience with the owner in the longer run. Check these out:

I think Voodoo have set for themselves a mark to beat.

[More Envy goodness]


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