Design Posters for Designers!

Frank Chimero is a talented graphic designer from Missouri, with a particular knack (as far as I see) blending wholesome goodness and bits of humor into nostalgic designs. This post features one of his series ‘Inspirational Design Posters’:

I decided to embark on creating some “inspirational” posters aimed specifically at designers. The topics range from various truisms I’ve discovered about the field in the past few years to snarky tongue-in-cheek comments. I think we designers spend an awful lot of time talking to ourselves, and I consider this my contribution to the monologue.

I quite like how most of his posters are simple and well-proportioned juxtaposition of just a few elements – and there’s no harm having a few of these to inspire you. Some of them:

That’s just 3 out of the 14 he has over at his website (with many other interesting/beautiful works!)


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